My main focus of work right now is a mix of full-stack engineer and solutions engineer.
I've provided a look into different projects I have worked recently.

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Highly available Infrastructure design and development. view case
Website maintenance; HTML5, CSS, PHP coding. view case
Custom website application development. view case
Solution design, Documentation production, project management. view case

Found Animals Foundation website

I had the pleasure to design and deploy a new infrastructure based on AWS Elastic Beanstalk to provide a highly available, auto scaling environment to anticipate and handle any traffic load to I worked with a large talented team including multiple external consultants.


  • Found Animals Registry

    First and largest free pet microchip registry.

    • Website style update for new branding. Quickly delivered to relaunch at the same time as the launch of the new
    • Registry Contact Form development and delivery that has improved customer support metrics and delivered on the goal of decreasing email volume.
    • PHP, Wordpress, MySQL, HTML, CSS,

    Found Animals Registry Call Center Application

    Custom secure application for call center operators.

    • Critical business application development delivered within tight timeline.
    • Developed and delivered an application that call center agents use to safely interact with the database of over 1.5 million pets that facilitates the re-unification of lost pets with their owners.
    • Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, Javascript

    Solution design, Documentation production, project management.

    Throughout 2016, I have loved providing solutions of varying types to improve the Found Animals Foundation. From complete system overhauls to simple website updates, I have enjoyed working with the people at Found Animals to enhance peoples lives.

  • My work style includes lots of documents and spreadsheets to (hopefully) cover all aspects of a project to work towards a successful delivery.
  • Google Apps, Microsoft Office, Basecamp/Asana/Slack,